Tiny wild fox

Art & Theatre in outdoor spaces

For everyone, everywhere ... 

through installations, theatre, 

events & workshops.

Come outside ...

Tiny Wild Fox is a creative arts company who's primary focus is to create, make and facilitate immersive art and theatre pieces within incredible outdoor spaces.

We do so through our own work, 

running events which showcase the work of others, 

operating outreach and workshop programmes 


 by working for, or in partnership, with some of the UK's most beautiful venues, festivals and art organisations.

... bring your imagination ...

Our own creations take the shape of tactile, immersive installation Art and interactive, sensory based, Theatre. 

Our piece take everyday objects, into outdoor spaces and ask audiences to question them, themselves and the world around them through touch, play and observation - each piece aiming to encourage people to think a little differently, even if just for a moment.

... bring your friends ...

When we aren't making our own work, the team organise and facilitate events allowing other outdoor artists to showcase their work (many of our gang also work for other art organisations, festivals and theatres as programmers, project and education managers). 

... join us and lets play!

When we aren't doing all of that, we run workshops to encourage young people and the extended community to get both creative and wild through our "Wildlings" workshops, creative learning and outreach, both as Tiny Wild Fox and through our work with our sister company "Tiny Wild Community".

Tiny Wild Community aims to take the powerful benefits provided by the arts to those who need them the most; this  includes those in rural & isolated communities; vulnerable individuals and those deemed as having a barrier to accessing the arts 

(several members of our team began their professional lives as education, support and community workers so are both passionate about delivering this element of our work, and are qualified to do so). 

Send us some love ...

Give us a call, send us a text, ping us an email or forward an owl ...

however you choose to get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Please feel free to contact us at a time which suits you, Tiny Wild Fox is run by Mamma's who's tiny humans are yet to learn to tell the time ... so if you want to message us at 2am, please feel free. Who knows we will probably be up with our little wildlings.

We will always strive to get back to you within 48 hours.